More freedom and more chances. Together we build, promote and support a true civil society in Romania.


“For me, RomaniaOne is a spirit of confidence in the future of this country. Slowly and modestly, we will build here a space that reflects the true spirit of this creative, enterprising and lively people.” 

Don Lothrop, founder, RomaniaOne“


In the last years, RomaniaOne Foundation has been involved and continues to be present in civic actions with variable rays of action, some more visible, some more discreet. These can be found here:

One hundred trips across
the ocean to Romania

The founder of our organization, Don Lothrop, continues to redefine the principles of authentic democracy on his blog and to stimulate the involvement of independent candidates in the Romanian electoral system. 

Oaks of freedom

Come along side us!

Join RomaniaOne for the purpose of creating, promoting and supporting a civil society in Romania. One to voice every well-thought-out idea meant to bring  improvements in cities and our nation.


Over the past ten years, we have made over 100 round trips between Romania and America. Some consider myself a mentor, though most of the times I am only a schoolteacher. Here, on the eastern edge of the Western world, pronounced by shy voices, I heard words that could replace barriers with bridges. Voices that might add to the endeavors we are trying to deal with. 

The Cryptocurrency Revolution

Along comes an intelligent response for thoughtful young people. Cryptocurrencies are a means to stop paying taxes to a deeply broken system run by rich old men who want to milk every last dollar out of the Industrial Age and do nothing to help young people build a future in the Information Age.

America’s Anger – Income Inequality

If we look over the past 35 years in America, Capital is crushing Labor by a score of 708 to 15. Adjusted for inflation, business valuations have increased 708 %, while labor wages have increased just 15%.

Remembering Guy Lothrop and his brothers

Grandpa, you did not go home from the Elbe River empty-handed. I now make my home at the edge of the Danube, with my son whom I named after you, sharing the virtues of individual freedom you fought for with what little I have to offer: my mind, my money and my faith. Your life lives on in mine.


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